Kermis FM

Every year Kermis FM shows the Tilburg fun fair live on radio, television, internet and social media.

Using creative approaches, the desire to learn & teach and a large professional media network, the volunteer organization is a frequent source of new talents for national media outlets.

My activities

Since 2012 I’ve been active for Kermis FM, doing anything under the sun — from writing articles to hosting radio shows to kitchen duty to everything in between.

The last few years I’ve mostly been focusing on reading the news and helping out in volunteer organization. But every now and then I host a radio show for the station as well!

In the media

Musical water tap

Daan Berg, Ken Moss, Luuk de Leest and Frank Bemthuis made the Dumpert front page in 2017 with a video from the sleeping quarters of Kermis FM.

Luuk and Ken found a water tap in the building which would squeak when held open at the right point. Someone thought it sounded a bit like the ‘screeching’ sound in Jump Around by House of Pain… and the rest was history thanks to Daan’s camera.

The video has been seen over 193.000 times at the time of writing.

Daan Berg talks to BBC Newsbeat about Tilburg fun fair & Kermis FM

In 2017, the European Championship for women’s soccer was being played in Tilburg. BBC Newsbeat’s Ben Mundy visited the city to report on the tournament and the surrounding vibe.

He discovered the Tilburg fun fair in full effect, including the radio and TV operations of Kermis FM.
Ben spoke with me about the fun fair, Kermis FM and all the other things taking place in Tilburg that week.

Zie ook: Britse omroep BBC op bezoek bij Kermis FM en Tilburgse kermis (Brabants Dagblad, 26 juli 2017)