Helpdesk & advice

As a small business owner, you’re busy enough doing what you’re good at. You don’t need computers working against you!
I can advise you in making purchases of computers/laptops, cloud solutions like Google Workspace, small networks, backup solutions and more.

Media support

Do you need someone with knowledge about playout technology for smaller radio and TV outlets? Or do you want your radio station to sound good with the right audio processing? I’m your guy.

Media transfer

Do you have old video or audio tapes, hard drives, diskettes or other data carriers lying around, and would you like to access this content again?
I can transfer it to new digital data carriers or a download link.

Formats I can read include:

  • VHS & S-VHS
  • 8mm & Hi8
  • MiniDV (SD only)
  • Audio cassette
  • 1,44 MB diskette
  • PATA and SATA disks
  • DVD Data / Video


Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.