Goeiemorgen! was a temporary live local morning show on RTV Krimpenerwaard. The show was on-air every weekday from 09:00 until noon.

The show was hosted on rotation by a number of volunteer hosts including Daan Berg and Erik Rietvelt. The first airing was on 11th May 2015, the last airing Daan was involved in was on 22nd June 2015. After Vlistam Radio joined the local station, Goeiemorgen! was succeeded by Goedemorgen Krimpenerwaard.


The structure of the temporary daily show was as follows:

De structuur van het tijdelijke programma was dagelijks grofweg als volgt:

09:10National news and other talk of the morning
09:30Local news bulletin
09:40Newspaper review per village
09:50Today in the region on social media
10:10Interview or local report
10:30Local news bulletin
10:40Music from the region
11:10Interview or local report
11:20Host of the region
A portrait or interview about a person or organization who is positively representing the region.
11:30Local news bulletin
11:40Repeat of an interview or local report from yesterday
11:50Calendar: what can you do nearby today and tomorrow?