Zeg eens euh…

Zeg eens euh… (“Say ‘uh’…”) was a youth show on Radio Vrolek, hosted by Jan Berger, Jacolien de Jong, Daan Berg and Kees Weijling.

The show aired weekly on Wednesdays from 20:00 until 22:00. The last known episode of the show aired on 4th September 2013.

Initially, the show was made by Jan Berger as editor-in-chief of the local station. He did this together with Jacolien de Jong as sidekick.
In 2013, the younger Daan Berg and Kees Weijling joined the show to spark debates and provide back-up for Jan and Jacolien.


The show was a typical local banter show, where (inter)national news was made into a discussion topic. The subjects were collected but not prepared during the show, allowing discussions to form freely on-air.

The order of subjects was often roughly as follows:

  1. Historical events on this date
  2. A strange news event from this week
  3. The weather
  4. Another strange news event from this week
  5. Event calendar for the upcoming week
  6. Another strange news event from this week
  7. Cinema screenings overview