Food is love, but not all food loves me. As someone with coeliac disease, I need to avoid some ingredients in order to not spend the rest of the day on the toilet.

If you could keep the following ingredients away from me, we’ll have a great time:

Gliadin-rich gluten
Often simply called “gluten” in ingredient listings
Cereals like wheat, durum and spelt.
Rice and corn are not rich in gliadine and are absolutely fine. These two cereals are therefore often not considered “gluten” anyway.
Dairy from cow’s milk (lactose)Milk, cheese, lactose
YeastAlcohol, and funnily enough: most easily available gluten-free bread

I also take it easy with sugar and peanuts in normal daily life, but it’s really no issue if I eat some of that every once in a while. These two ingredients only cause discomfort if I eat it for multiple days in large quantities.

Are you unsure about an ingredient? Please run it by me, I’ll be happy to take a look! Thank you 🙂