July 4: Uncontrolled giggling ensued

To get to the point: I successfully passed my AVB exam today! This is one of two practical exams you need to pass here in The Netherlands to get a motorcycle license.
The next and final exam is the traffic participation exam. That means: making lots of actual road miles soon to train for this! 🥳

So, back to today. It was great fun! We were invited early in the morning to perform final practice on the riding school’s own terrain. After that we left for the examination site in Rotterdam, and we had the opportunity to practice some more while students from other riding schools were taking their exams.

After spending a good hour practicing some braking & turning & twisties it was my turn to take the exam, and I got to do the following exercises:

  1. Reverse parking (walking w/ the motorcycle)
  2. Slow slalom
  3. Half turn
  4. Fast slalom
  5. Evasion exercise
  6. Precision stop
  7. Emergency stop

All was fine except the slow slalom (I slightly tapped a cone) and the precision stop (I wasn’t smearing out the braking enough). This is all okay though, the other exercises turned out well and you’re allowed to fail 2 of the tests.

It was a fun day, probably the perfect recipe for success, also thanks to the very relaxed atmosphere provided by the examiners.

After I got home I had to sit down and process for a few minutes what we accomplished today. It soon turned into a kind of childish giggle out of excitement, before I started texting a bunch of people about the result.

Ahh, can’t wait for the next chapter to start next week! It’s the final chapter on the road to my license 🥰

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