Again and again

One day in March, I got home and felt like I wanted to cry. Of happiness.

I had experienced an entirely new feeling about 20 minutes earlier.
The best way to describe it is: mindlessness. A completely relaxed head while seemingly floating over the road, feeling the soft spring breeze in my face, seeing a golden sunset over the Dutch meadows, and hearing & feeling a rather lovely, throaty soundtrack as controlled by my hands and feet.

For five minutes on the open road, all was good in the world and the world was beautiful.
It was only 5 minutes, but it was all I needed. I was sold so so hard.

This week, almost 2 months later, it was like I experienced that feeling all over again.
The concept of (counter)balancing suddenly clicked in my head, thanks to amazingly helpful guidance of my teacher.
I did the fast slalom at 30+ kph and… oh man, the feeling. Swerving between those cones at street speed, when you get it right… It’s a flow. It’s a rhythm. It’s like dancing and not at all like dancing at the same time.

Anyone who doesn’t get a grin on their face while doing this is dead inside. It’s addicting as hell to feel the bike working for you, instead of the other way around.
And with this correct balancing technique under the belt, corners are suddenly 6000 times more fun. I’m not good at math, but I think the math checks out.

After this I got home, closed the front door, sat down while still fully geared up and felt like I wanted to cry. Of happiness. Again. 🥹

Edit: Dave’s got better words than I do.

At the moment of writing I am learning for my motorcycle license. Follow along here.

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