May 22: Learning requires elbow grease

Another successful class in the books today. Repeatedly completed five exercises I need to pass for the vehicle control exam, also known as “AVB”. A personal record!

Half turns are now going well, as well as the precision stop and the stop test at beyond the minimum speeds.

One of the completed exercises was the figure-eight, which succeeded, but not the first time as you can see on the right* — I took the second turn too tight and didn’t counterbalance enough, so I went down with the ship. But, as one does: I got back up and did it without problems a few times immediately thereafter. Learning was happening in real-time!

Still a big smile on the picture of course, because: riding is bliss, and me and the teacher were visibly stoked every time something worked out. We were having a blast together today and a little gravity moment will absolutely not get in the way of that 🥰

* As people were curious about this: this did not hurt in the slightest — I got home, rolled up my sleeves to cool down and relax, and it was only then that I noticed the little wound.
I always wear PPE during classes, in today’s case a touring outfit provided by the riding school. It has protectors in the elbow pieces as they should. Protectors are there to spread the energy of a hard impact in an attempt to avoid breaking or fracturing things. Protectors can’t do much against rubbing motion.

At the moment of writing I am learning for my motorcycle license. Follow along here.